Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Found the Culprit

One of the reasons I gave up on my garden this year was because plants were starting to disappear. Not completely but they’d be chomped down. Clean off. My little watermelon included that I was so looking forward to! And not only my garden but so many of my little green plants out front were chomped down too.

We were so confused! Who was doing this? Definitely not rabbits. We took care of that problem long ago. Maybe the ninja squirrels? Although a watermelon seems pretty large for a squirrel... and what would a squirrel want with my green plants? THAT could have been the bunny though... they were working together? My mom suggested a deer but we’ve never seen any in our neighborhood.

That has been remedied.

Jared: Suki! You gotta look out the window. There’s a deer in our yard!


And not just ONE but TWO stinkin deer. Mystery solved. My garden is doomed.



  1. I like deer, other than being beautiful, they are also tasty. (lol I don't know about the tasty part) I'd say it's nearly worth losing some veggies to have those in your yard. All you have to do now is put some lights on them. ::-)

  2. Oh deer! (Ok, I couldn't help the pun.) I'm not sure that there's any good way to take care of that problem...