Monday, December 19, 2011

A Numbered List

1) Tomorrow is THE LAST choir performance of the Christmas season. Don’t get me wrong. I love singing Christmas music and I love bringing smiles to those who are in nursing homes and may not get to see a lot of people. However, we had nine performances this season and everyone (at least the young moms who carpooled together and hence talked a lot) wanted to be done at seven.

2) I started running again! (How many times have I taken breaks from running whether because I had to or because I was lazy?) I decided the best course of action was to start at the very beginning of the C25K program. It is really hard to feel like I went backwards but hopefully it will only go upwards from here. Today I ran W1D2: 8 1-minute runs with 1 1/2 minute walks in between.

3) Kaelyn chose to watch Grinch over Elmo. She also started walking around with her hands behind her back. I was perplexed where she got that from until my dad suggested the Grinch (at that time, she had only watched it once or twice).

4) Straight No Chaser’s version of the Grinch song has a really, really, really, really low bass singing melody. It makes me positively giddy!


6) I have kept up with the dishes. Mostly. And I have a ton of clean laundry to put away.

7) We think one of our cats is having a food allergy.

8) We are shopping for a couch and already have a favorite picked out although we will still take one more day to bum test them out. (And seriously, I felt like I was in a recliner half the time because a lot of those couches are super deep. My tush only went halfway back on the cushion!)

9) We’ll be moving Kaelyn to a toddler bed ASAP. But only if ASAP means sometime in January and maybe even February because that’s just the way we roll.

10) My cousin, Emma, who has been in the hospital for over a month, is getting stronger every day! She has a long recovery ahead of her and progress is measured in terms of months.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I remember having Decembers like that in high school with the singing groups I was part of. We'd often have 20 shows, all beginning the 1st of December and getting done before school got out for Christmas. Talk about hectic.
    2. You should email me what all you're supposed to do for the C25K thing. I am in desperate need of getting in shape.
    3. I love The Grinch! Well, the old one.
    4. I love low basses too!
    5. I'm tired too. David woke me up TWICE last night! Ugh!
    6. Our dishwasher is broken. Yargh! And I also have lots of clean laundry, but I can't put it away until it's folded...
    7. A cat with a food allergy? Ouch.
    8. I love couches that you sink into! They're just hard to get out of...
    9. Haha, you're on Mormon standard time. :)
    10. What happened to Emma? I hope her recovery (for whatever is wrong) is speedy and that she's over it sooner than expected.