Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Happy Things of Recent Note

I found some lovely storage for my studio today! I started putting it together while dinner was cooking. Can’t wait to get more of it done tomorrow. This is much needed storage as my crafting/sewing area is a total disaster. And pretty ugly looking. I can’t say it will be all pretty with this storage up but it will be less ugly.

There are some personal training sessions that I am really thankful that I only meet with him for a half hour once a week. Today was one of those days. 3 sets of 5 exercises (some of which varied). I struggled through it all. The first exercises was walking lunges while holding a weighted ball in front of you (arms outstretched). On the down lunge, I had to turn towards the “open” side. So when I step forward on the right leg, I move the ball and twist my torso to the right. The ball was only a six pound ball... I never claimed to not be a weakling! On the last set, I had to hold the ball over my head—arms straight was the goal. That so didn’t happen. I didn’t have to twist though which meant the lunges went faster. I finished... but the last three steps were a killer. Oh, and sometime during the half hour, he says to me “You’re not as talkative as you usually are”. And I’m preparing for another exercising trying to catch my breath that was being so very elusive today. He was quite pleased. A couple weeks back, he accidentally set the weight to be heavier than he intended. I thought it felt heavy but hey, he’s the trainer and maybe I was just feeling tired. When he realized what he’d done, he said “Well, that’s a good discovery”. Since then he’s increased the difficulty of the sessions. Near the end of today, he said “If it’s any consolation, this is significantly more difficult than a couple weeks ago. You’re doing really well. Much better than many other people would have done.” It wasn’t much of a consolation in the moment, but it does make me very happy. By pure luck I had decided to double the amount of protein shake to take to the gym today. I’ll still be super sore tomorrow but I’m really growing to love these sessions.

For a few days we thought Kaelyn was asking for an animal show when we would sit down to watch some television in the evening. Then I connected “eemols” show with her “eemols” book. Elmo. Not animals. I promptly set Sesame Street to record once a day, every day. While we tried hard not to push her towards Elmo or anything else for that matter, one of her youtube videos has ducks and Elmo. And she has always loved her lift-the-flaps Elmo book. Now she can watch Sesame Street after her nap while I’m making dinner. It is SO NICE. Except I miss what Sesame Street was when I was a kid. It is definitely not the same.

Last night we let Kaelyn decide what we’d have for dinner. Her choices were pizza, bbq, or sandwiches. She loves pizza but she was really cute when she said barbeque so we got that. Jared went to get it (City Barbeque—he loves it) and Kaelyn went with him. By her choice! Usually she wants to stay with me (or go with me) but we love these moments when her love for Daddy really shines through. (And I get a bit of a break!)

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