Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 To Do List RECAP

It is November 10th and I was thinking about the items that I wanted to get done this year. I have more done than I have said that I’ve done so I wanted to quickly list what I have done and what I haven’t. My comments in italics.


1. Blog more. <—I have most definitely done this.
3. Start a garden. <—Yup.
4. Figure out a schedule that works for us and we will maintain with minimal convincing and hair pulling.<—I’m not actually sure what I meant by this but I really like our current schedule so I guess I’ve completed this
5. Get Kaelyn to sleep in her own bed again. <—She is a pro at sleeping in her own bed! And not only that but she is putting herself to sleep now! This is such a big relief. Only very occasionally is she in our bed at all and its usually the times when she gets really scared or doesn’t like something that I have no control over.
6. Get Kaelyn to sleep the whole night without waking up. Update. <—This happens very rarely... but it has happened and I’m just glad that she doesn’t wake up nearly as often or require my attention as much. We’re still moving towards this goal though. She doesn’t get any drink when going to sleep for a nap. The next move for me is to eliminate at night and when I can do that, I’m sure that she will stay asleep.
9. Make huck toweling towels (aka, cloth paper towels). <—Done.
10. Make and hang curtains for Jared's office. <—They helped over the summer too. Jared took them down for the winter (lame) but hey, I made them.
17. Prune our cherry tree. <—Granted I didn’t actually do it but someone did and that’s good enough for me.
21. Fully refund our emergency fund. <—Done.
22. Finish Mom's regency coat. <—And so lovely too!
23. Learn how to make cha siu bow dough. <—And they were so delicious too. Next I need to get a better steamer and they will turn out awesome, I’m sure.
25. Continue running. <—I did continue running. And now my goal is to continue running. My leg is better though so that should be soon.
26. Get rid of the big pile of sticks in my backyard. <—Another “I didn’t do it but someone did”.
30. Build a night stand for our bedroom. <—Okay, I confess. While the goal was to build the nightstand, I bought one instead. It was cheaper than building and although it’s not perfect (aka, still not painted), it is functional.
32. Organize my fabric. <—It’s not ideal storage or organization but it is still done.
33. Make cloth napkins. <—Um. I didn’t realize this was on here twice but we use the huck toweling (#9) as cloth napkins. When we use napkins.
41. Get my tail bone checked out. <—There are times when I miss my chiropractor...
42. Be brave enough to make a fish dish.  <—Not only once but TWICE. And I ate it both times.

18 out of 42. Um. 43% done. And 85% of the year is over.



2. Start a compost pile. <—This one will still get done this year. We made a garbage can change that forces us to get this done.
7. Get pregnant. <—The year’s not over yet...
8. Make cloth sandwich/snack bags. <—I probably won’t do this one. Maybe in another few years.
11. Make and hang curtains for guest bedroom. <—I have everything I need. I just haven’t done it.
12. Build my desk. <—I got a desk for free but I haven’t painted it yet.
13. Build bed frame for my bed. <—This one won’t get done. Tear.
14. Build bed frame for the guest bed. <—This one won’t get done either but I’m not as sad about it.
15. Reattach the leg to the piano. <—I need to buy a clamp...
16. Finish Kaelyn's felt animal set. <—I‘ve been working on the nativity instead... why didn’t I put that on my yearly list?
18. Obtain shelving for food storage. <—We are severely lacking in this department overall.
19. Move our washer and dryer to nicer location. <—Laundry will be nicer when this gets done.
20. Pay off two debts. <—We’re so close!
24. Organize my recipes better. <—Um. I’m closer.
27. Find a handle for our sliding glass door. <—Notta one.
28. Build a coffee table. <—Not yet.
29. Build a night stand for Kaelyn's room. <—I have a nightstand. It matches the one in the master room. However it is being utilized downstairs. And is unpainted.
31. Build a night stand for guest room. <—I used to have a nightstand for this. I used it for a little table for Kaelyn though.
34. Do a complete rehaul of our 72 hour kit. <—This one should be easy! But we haven’t done it.
35. Frame and hang the big mirror for the living room. <—It’s in the master bedroom right now. I need a full length mirror I can hang on the wall. Then I can hang this mirror in the living room.
36. Hang the big clock in the living room. <—I haven’t done it yet because I haven’t decided whether or not to paint it. Why that stops me from hanging it, I don’t know.
37. Build a mantle for the fireplace. <—I haven’t decided what type of mantle yet.
38. Build a bookcase for my music. <—Nope.
39. Learn about basements and how to care for it. <—I have learned a little bit about basements. Just a little bit though.
40. Acquire more comfortable seating. <—This should read “different” instead of “more”. And no, it’s not done either way.

Considering all the other things I have done that are not on this list, I still feel like I’ve done a good fair bit. And that I know better what to put on my list for next year.


  1. Good job, Suki! I would make myself a to-do for 2012 list, but since we have no money and no way to remedy that over the next year, I'm sure none of what I would want to do would be possible to do. :(

  2. Hey, I think you did a great job! That was a lot to get done!