Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A favorite food to hate

I did the unthinkable today. I didn't even tell Jared I was going to do it. Maybe I didn't want to psych myself out or something even though this was on my list of things I wanted to accomplish this year.

It is common knowledge that I don't really do favorites. It may also be equally as common knowledge that I have a favorite food to hate. I really don't think of myself as picky but there is one food that I have never liked. Fish. And dill pickles. But I'm talking about fish tonight.

This recipe came up in my meal plan and so I vowed to at least try it. I ask Jared to try things he hasn't liked in the past--often several times in different ways--so I thought I should do the same.

This is the first time I have cooked fish in our married life. It will probably not be the last.

What Suki Thought
Yuck. The crunchy outside part was good. The fish texture is barf worthy. It was easy to prep and cook. I ate it all. It was tilapia, by the way.

What Jared Thought
"I would eat it again." That can be arranged. I have more fish.

What Kaelyn Thought
Cantaloupe and corn is yummy. So are brownies.


  1. You know, I don't really do fish either. I tried to be brave once and I made some tilapia. I thought it tasted like dirt. Dan didn't think it was bad. I'm not sure I feel brave enough to eat dirt again, even though I still have fish left. If you find a good way to eat/prepare it, let us know! I'd love to find a good way to use up my fish.

  2. Have you ever tried salmon? I think it tastes better than tilapia, but I like tilapia too, so I guess I might be a "fish-liker". lol.

  3. Yep. I'm not a fish fan either. But Dale's allergic so it gets us all out of eating it. :P

  4. I don't love Tilapia, I've yet to find fresh caught tilapia, I think if you tried the same recipe with Orange Roughy you'd find it to be heavenly, lol but leaving off the crunchy wouldn't hurt either.