Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pinterest #2

I should take you on a full tour of my house so that when I say the master bathroom is small.... you know what I mean. I definitely do not have a vision of what I would like in a master bathroom in terms of style.

A few things are clear from our time with our current bathroom. I want more counter space. I don't want to leave things out but when I get out something, I don't want to be spending the majority of the time balancing eye shadow on the edge of the counter or catching bobby pins before they go down the drain. I also want a bath and a shower. Separate. We just have a shower. And even that drives me crazy.

Pinterest has some lovely eye candy for me. Let me share just a few with you.

image source
 This first bathroom is too ornate for my tastes but I love the arches and the column. And the stone/tile/marble/whatever it is. High ceiling. Pretty light (although I'm very open to pretty chandeliers anywhere in my house). Functional space. Enough space to share the space. Big window. Nice tub.

image source
 I'm not sure what is in that little door straight ahead because there is a bathrobe hanging up in there so maybe a tub? I'd like the toilet to be kinda closed off like that. I love the seat in the shower. The wood work on the walls. The floor and how there's so many different shades of gray. The hook right outside the shower. And the faucet. It's hard to see but it looks real pretty.

image source
 I don't know if I'd ever be so bold as to ever have an outdoor shower or tub beyond something for a pool or lake. Maybe at my vacation home. This just looks so serene and peaceful. That feeling is something I'd like to inject in a bathroom.
image source
 I love this half wall shower. The white helps make the room feel open. It also kind of looks like there is two shower heads in there. Love the floor.
image source
This shower is big enough for shelves! I love that. I really want that. I think I would feel exposed in a shower this big at least for a little while. I'm sure I'd get over it. It's just too fabulous not to! Love the seating as well.

What do you look for in a shower or master bathroom?

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  1. MmMmMmMm. Pretty bathrooms. I think I'm brazen enough for the outdoor one. I also like the posh first one too, I like things like that. If there were a way to combine all of them into one... *dorkout*