Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Family and Craft Room Mood Boards

A few weeks ago when I said on Facebook that I knew what direction I wanted to take my family and craft rooms, some people asked for pictures or wanted to know what I was thinking. Since then, I have been working on gathering these pictures. It may not look like much, but in some cases deciding just what to pick wasn't easy! Some things I already knew. Some things I still haven't gotten even close to what's in my head so there is no representation of that yet.

First, let's talk paint colors.

The first and the last pictures are the same. I recently painted my family room this color. You saw the paint can here. I still love this color. It was such a good choice! It is Subtle Touch by Behr but I had it color matched so I could use Dutch Boys paint. I have a smaller can of Dutch Boys paint (color matched from Behr's Gentle Rain) that is waiting to be used. I'll let you guess in what way.

The craft room is going to become one of the turquoise-y colors. I don't want one too green or too blue so it will be hard to narrow down the color. I am really liking the color on that cabinet though.

As an accent color for something in the next collage, I want a yellow. I'm leaning towards any of those three yellow but I don't know... maybe I'll change my mind by the time I get to that step!

I just realized that maybe I should have started with taking pictures of my current spaces and sharing them with you. Oh well, just use your imaginations and maybe I'll do that soon!

1. I love this ABC vision chart. I will find a place for it somewhere in my house if it ends up not working for these spaces.

2. This grey rug was one of my favorites in the many I looked at. It also looks awesome in yellow. I just haven't decided whether I want that pop of color on the floor or not.

3. Lovely pillow! For one day when we have good furniture.

4. I super duper love the yellow on that night stand. Maybe I need to go with that color... also, I love the shape and can see that as a side table.

5. I know these are cards or stationery or something. Just look at the color and pattern on the top one and think "rug runner".

6. I showed Jared this picture of crates on the wall. His response "that's really weird". It is just what gave me the idea for what I want to do. Not as weird but I think it'll be awesome.

7. I couldn't find the picture of the bench I wanted. I had seen it about a month ago but apparently didn't save it anywhere. It was PERFECT (and already in someone's house). Anyway, this kind of shape but painted yellow (hence the paint colors of yellow) for the entry way. My mom asked if it would have storage. The answer is no because of how small the entry way is. Anything with bulk would make the space feel even smaller. Plus, there will be picture #6 crates.

8. My very original family room inspiration picture was this one. I love the colors but how it's not overwhelming. It's too much for Jared. But one thing I still love is the mismatched furniture. There's a sofa, two different types of chairs, a coffee table. There is a bench there somewhere as well. Oh! And the window seat. I LOVE window seats. I still may do that faux built in with window seat. Because I love it.

9. I'm really drawn to this picture and I'm still not sure why. It doesn't fit at all with the rest of my inspiration pictures! But I do love the color combo with the printed rug.

10. Floating shelves! These are for my craft room. Shelving is almost non-existent and what is in existent is definitely not pretty. I don't know if Ikea has the size that I need for my space but Ana White has plans that I can modify to build my own if I need to.

11. This is the big focus wall for the family room. I have been collecting picture frames for over a year now. I don't have enough yet because I'm looking for specific sizes and apparently some of these sizes aren't "normal".

12. This art will DEFINITELY be going somewhere. And yes, it will definitely be a DIY. I really like the simplicity.

EVERYTHING ELSE. Yep. As you can see, no pictures of a sofa, desk, play area for Kaelyn, or anything else for the craft room. I'm still working on it. Slowly. Very slowly.

OH WAIT! The picture of my lamp didn't make it in the collage. I must have this lamp. I already told Jared that.

Oh that quality isn't good! Just know that I adore this lamp.

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