Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Under Shelf Organizer

Those who are {still} friends with me on Facebook know that my mini project for the kitchen was thwarted yesterday. I was even commended for using the word thwarted.

My project remains thwarted today.

So I completed another project instead.

And I am happy.

This is what one cupboard started like. It's an odd angle because I'm showing the mugs into the back corner of this odd-shaped cabinet.

This is another cupboard. Earlier in the year I had rearranged cupboards and gotten the corner shelf for the dishes. What that meant is that I had to remove the second shelf. I hated all that extra and wasted space above the cups but what are you gonna do, you know?

Enter the undershelf organizer basket. I got it from Meijers and it cost under $10. I'm being lazy and not checking the actual price. I totally was hoping that it would fit. Edit: It cost $6.19.

It does and it's awesome! I moved Kaelyn's dishes (and cups and bottles) into the basket and moved some of those mugs with the cups. Back where they belong. Sigh of relief, everyone. Sigh!

The odd shaped cupboard. Empty space! And yes... a lone mug.

And a few more mugs. We have 11 mugs. I am tempted to get rid of some of them except we actually use all of them when we have family over in the winter and we have hot chocolate or tea.


  1. I love it! You did a great job!!!

  2. Nice. That's a great way to use that empty space. I hate empty spaces and I always want it make sure they get used up somehow. This is good idea for cabinets!