Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn!

Autumn is probably my least favorite season of the year. At least in the Winter you have Christmas (!!!!) and snow. And you know the good stuff (Spring and Summer) is on its way.

It's not all bad, sure. But today is not being a very good first day of Autumn for me. I won't complain further because there are people with worse problems than me. Today was just life and that combined with the grey clouds just equaled rough.

Last year, I put up my bats for Halloween really late. And then didn't take them down until Thanksgiving. Maybe even later. Over the summer I decided that I should do some seasonal and holiday decorations. I didn't say for certain but I guess I always thought "for fall" because here I am sitting and typing today thinking "let's decorate for fall".

There are a few problems I have with decorating. I don't really have any surface to decorate. Lots of people decorate a mantel. Don't have one. Or a coffee table. Strike two. Side tables. Nope. Kitchen island. Nada. Eventually all of that will change but it won't change for Fall decorating.

Here are my two ideas: banister and front door wreath. I have another porch idea but probably not until mid-late October. Maybe now that I've put this out there, I'll do something sooner rather than later!

Do you do any seasonal decorations? Give me some ideas!

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