Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HHC Mural: Part 4

Wow! For some reason I thought I had finished blogging about the mural. Good thing I checked.

Day 10!! This was a Saturday. I begged and pleaded asked Jared to watch Kaelyn for as long as it took for Kimmi and I to finish the mural. We got there at 9 or 10 am. We didn't leave until 5pm.

This is me working and Kimmi not. One ladder + only top panels to finish = only one person working. Look at that small brush! We were painting the black puzzle piece lines and used different sizes of small paint brushes.

Yes, I paint awesome when I'm not looking.... **You probably shouldn't stand on a ladder like that. Just sayin.

This was the very first square finished!!! Doesn't it look awesome!

Finished side panel 1

Finished side panel 2

Finished side panel 3

Finished side panel 4

The Brain Coral

The Crab

Hiding Fish

Still working on black lines... Oh, like that nice red border on that center panel? Take masking tape (or painters tape) and tape a square. The space between your tape and the edge is where you are painting. Paint over the edge of the tape with your undercoat. In this case, the primer white paint. This prevents your colored paint from bleeding under the tape and creating sloppy lines. After that dries, paint your color. Do a second coat if needed. Peel off the tape. Admire!

The Fish Scene 

The cleanliness of my car.... this stuff lived in my van for weeks.

The cleanliness of the painting grounds.... This was probably after both the yellow and the purple paint spilled.

The almost last step of the mural was the name and logo. Kimmi did the name--free hand style. Then I did the logo because I had the more steady hand (except we weren't expecting to be there so long AND we forgot our water bottles so my hands were actually pretty shaky by this point). For the logo we used a "stencil" because Kimmi wanted it to be theirs.

Another view of me doing the logo. And Kimmi doing nothing be default.

I've got one more post to completely wrap this mural up. We spent 24 hours in the last week alone. That is 39 hours that Kimmi spent here. 39 hours that I spent here. Except I worked more like 29 of those hours with the remaining 10 spent with Kaelyn. That is a total of 69 hours!


  1. That is many hours. There are very few things I can think of that I've spent that much time working on. One was... [thinks] making two babies. Including gestation. Another was... wait for it...

  2. wow- you guys worked hard, but it shows! It's amazing!!!

  3. I love the super bright colors, if I were told "make it bright" I'm not sure I would have come up with an idea that makes that even work. I love to see the work you guys did to make this happen.