Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 1 of 30 Days of Me

I was excited to show off my pancakes from today. And then because Jared hasn't finished fixing my laptop yet, all my stuff is on the external hard drive and the laptop is not being very willing to communicate with the external hard drive right now so I can't get my pictures to upload. Grrrrrouch!!!

Instead I'll start the 30 Days of Me challenge. Good thing I was thinking of this today.

And even though I was thinking of it, I still don't have a favorite song!!! I have many songs that I like and enjoy and have REALLY enjoyed at some point or another in my life but not any that I currently call my favorite.

Here are some of the songs I enjoyed listening too today.

"Sing" by The Carpenters--I've always loved this song from when I first heard it on Sesame Street many years ago.

"What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong--I can remember singing with the Institute Choir (as a teenager) when my parents were the conductors an arrangement of this song. I liked it before then but I loved it from that.

"So Magical" by Martina McBride--A very similar message to the previous song. Just a little more upbeat.

"Looking Through Your Eyes" from Quest for Camelot--Our wedding song. :) This is a song I sang and played for Jared (and is probably the only song I've sung and played for him) when we were engaged and that is why it was our wedding song. It was and still is perfect for us.

"Defying Gravity" from Wicked--A lot of times I feel held back by various habits, people, past events. Things that just weigh on me. Or even just that I'm not really heading my life somewhere. You never know where you'll land unless you try leaping.

"For Good" from Wicked--Everyone was placed in our lives for a reason and us in theirs. Make the best of it.

"Happiness" from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown--Another similar song to Louis Armstrong's and Martina McBride! Am I sensing a theme? Life is wonderful (another good song by Jason Mraz but I didn't listen to it today so it's not on the list) and we can see it everywhere if we just look. "Simple Joys" from Pippin probably would have made this list too had I listened to it.

"Men in Black" from Men In Black--Kaelyn and I love to dance to this song together. I love seeing her smile and hearing her giggles when we have a little dance party!


  1. You have such varied taste, but they are all good, I like the song "What a wonderful world" it has a special place for me.

  2. I love the new layout! And seriously, who doesn't love Defying Gravity? Great song choices. There are so many that I don't really have favorites either :)