Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jewelry Hooks

I've had this project done for many months now. I kinda felt guilty for not showing it off but really... tonight I'm grateful since my computer is having issues with me.

I used to have a pretty little jewelry box. It was my aunt's and I got it when she died. The problem was that it was little. It wasn't long enough to hang anything except chokers or lengths close to that. I started to not wear jewelry because it was just too much of a hassle to deal with it. So I decided to do something about it.

Cost: FREE

These two doors had been laying around for months waiting for me to do something with them. One of the hinges had gotten bent by (I think) my niece, Grace. So I just took them both off until I wanted to do something about it. Months later, I knew it would be perfect for this project.

I primed it (with $1 old primer that was sitting around being unused and was NOT water based--lesson learned) and then painted them a light pink. The pink was a sample from Valspar that my sister, Lindey, picked out for me.

I didn't paint the back but here you can see the before and after.

Oh yeah, I "sanded" it first. I probably should have done a better job but I didn't.

After it was painted and dry, I decided where I wanted the jewelry to go. I took pictures so I could remember where after I took the jewelry off.

I used cup hooks leftover from previous projects. I am in love with these hooks. I want more. Doesn't even have to be these specific ones. Just hooks in general. They are from Target. I did pre-drill the holes before screwing the hooks in.

Oh yes, see the knobs? Those got painted too!

I put picture hanger things that were being unused somewhere else on the back and then hung them on the wall. I love the pink. I'm not fond of the wall color (and seriously--I picked out that wall color last year! I blame the pink for me not liking it anymore).

So far, Kaelyn hasn't pulled it down. She hasn't really tried and she's not allowed in our room without us so that helps.

It's easy to see what I have. And it makes me want more fun jewelry.

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  1. How clever this is stuns me, I'm glad you finally posted pictures of it! lol, now for all my zero pieces of jewelery... maybe I can do something like this for my daughters though.