Monday, September 12, 2011

Pinterest #3

I think we all know how gardening went for me this summer. Maybe next year will be better. Maybe we'll get more done outside next year too! This year was a good start with getting rid of lots of stuff around the fence and part of the tree coming down. We have bigger plans for both the front and the back yard and we'll continue to move in that direction! Actually, we're hoping that we can get that huge tree taken down BEFORE the leaves start falling. I really didn't like raking all the leaves from that tree...

There are a few things I like in a garden.

Space Efficient

I also like unconfined and wild but only when it is someone else's. I don't think I could pull it off. I don't think I could live with it. There needs to be some sort of order to it. It's got to make sense.

image source
One of my items on my 2011 to-do list was to start a compost pile. Yep. Not happening this year. But I want to build this one. It looks easy enough to build. As long as I get everything square. I'm not sure about three compartments though. I think we would only ever need two. At least for a while.

image source
 Vertical gardening is a great way to use space efficiently. Nothing like this works with my current house, but still quite lovely.

image source
I love the wide space in the middle with the space to sit at the end. I'd like something that was open more to the outdoors but can still be sheltered from rain. A bigger doorway? Larger windows? I don't know. It's a long ways off.

image source
We want a fenced in backyard. We have a fence but it's not fully enclosed and it is ugly and broken. Isn't this a pretty doorway? Pergolas are a bonus anywhere!

image source
This walk-through trellis is made from PVC pipes! He has cucumbers growing on them but any vine plant would work well. I can see tomatoes working well too!

Even though these pictures don't show it, I do enjoy flowers too! An edible garden will always be top on my list if I am short on time, space, and/or money. I really miss my my mom's roses from growing up and we love fresh cut flowers and would prefer cheaper ones than from the store.


  1. My mom started a compost heap in the back this year, and at first it was completely uncontained. That didn't work very well. She and Dad finally caved and got a box for it, but it doesn't do much better since animals still get into it... and when I asked what she was going to do with it, or when/whether it would be ready to use by next year, etc, she was like, "I dunno. I just didn't want to waste
    the scraps anymore." I've investigated getting one of those smaller ones that either turns electrically, or that sits on the side of your house and you turn it every day until the compost falls through the mesh... have you ever tried anything like that? I remember hearing that your mom did it while you were growing up, so hopefully some of that experience rubbed off on you and is now ripe for the picking!

  2. Make sure your compost framing is sitting on blocks to help prevent rotting.