Sunday, September 4, 2011

Visiting Kirtland, Ohio

Jared has never been to any of the historical sites for our church out here. The easiest one to tackle first was Kirtland, Ohio. We were pleased to learn that the hotel we booked was only a 2 1/2 hour drive. Perfect for a day trip. And because we wanted to spread out the driving, we went up Friday and left Sunday (this morning).

Hope you like a lot of pictures!

We stayed in Cleveland. As we were driving to our hotel, we drove down "the strip". Cleveland is definitely more city-like than Columbus is. Luckily, our hotel was not amid the strip. This is the view from our hotel. This was one of the bajillion churches around.

Another view from our room. The mega parking garage, the hotel valet parking (which was as expensive as parking in the garage would have been), and the pole.

Kaelyn wanted to wear my belt so I looped it around her twice and it worked!

Shortly after the last picture, she tripped and banged her head right into the corner of a door jamb. Sorry, girl.

I should have taken more pictures of the hotel and lobby. It was nice. There were these retro kind of chairs. Surprisingly comfortable. Kaelyn liked that they spun.

We took a guided tour at Historic Kirtland. This is us in front of the Newell K. Whitney store. It was something like 95 degrees out. Kaelyn did awesome until the last 15 minutes of the tour when she really wanted a drink. Who can blame her? I let Jared finish out the tour since this was his first time.

From Historic Kirtland, we went up the hill to the Kirtland Temple. The tour starts with a video and that is when Kaelyn fell asleep. Luckily she stayed asleep for all the shifting I did from one arm to the other. Up the stairs.... down the stairs... sitting down... walking lots.

Still crashed on our way back to the hotel. Oh wait, to dinner before the hotel.

We got a little bit of dessert that night at the hotel. I loved this simple flower arrangement.

I also liked the tray and the liner.

Hazelnut chocolate mousse.

Something cheesecakey.

It split. :( But still good.

Upside down picture but I liked this simple arrangement. I think it'd be good if I were hosting a luncheon or tea party. 

I split up the goods so we could share.

I cut everything in half except for the raspberries because there were equal amounts of those and didn't need splitting.

This one was messier than the other because of the cheesecake split thing.

I asked Jared how he liked the chairs. He thought it was comfortable but didn't like the lower chair arms. He likes the pattern. He liked the pillow on the chair and thought it made it more comfortable than if he took the pillow off.

The chairs at the little table had this subtle pattern on it. Loved it. The pattern was also on the bed ... foot thing. (I don't know what it's called but it's not an actual bed spread. Just something to be decorative at the foot of the bed.)

On our way home, I tried to get some of the awesome architecture that The Cleveland Churches had to offer.

Not a church but an interesting garbage can.

Since it was Sunday morning, some of these had open doors ready for worship services. This church was one of them.

Not a church building but cool designs.

Planters. :) This was somewhere on the Cleveland strip.

This was my attempt at the stadium for the Indian Braves.

Since we were gone, we had no Pancake Saturday OR Sunday this week. I do aim on making them this week though!


  1. I laughed out loud at the comment you made about the garbage can. I think that was the best part. And the pretty desserts. I want to start making more desserts that look as pretty as they taste. Like those ones. But with lots less work. Sounds like another post idea...

  2. The pictures of food make me want it so much!