Friday, November 18, 2011

Family at the house!

My dad flew in from his week at work today so my family drove up and we all had dinner together. Crock pot beef stew. Yummy. Then my parents left while my siblings stayed here. We played games. And talked. And laughed.

We are hilarious.

I won’t ruin it by trying to recount how. Just know that we couldn’t breathe.

Does anyone else sometimes have to cough when they are laughing so hard they can’t breathe? And when they do cough, they have mucous bombs going off in their throat?

My hair is all crimped today. It’s an extreme rarity for me. As in... this is probably the first time I’ve done it. Jared came home and said it was pretty. That means a yay for me! Kaelyn also told me my hair was pretty and that she loved it. It’s so cute to hear her say things like that!

Little Miss Kitten is visiting tonight as well. My cats still can’t stand her, she’s still super cute, she’s roaming my computer desk....... she is better at jumping into laps, and she has a name! Mom just named her today. Molly. My siblings say “We suggested so many names! Some of them were actually good too.”

Remember. We are hilarious.

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  1. Photos of the crimping, please :D You're always so pretty, I want to see!