Saturday, November 5, 2011

I hung some blinds!

I’m closer to less naked windows in the house! I told you about my quandry here and then showed you my “plan” for hanging the blinds high here.

Today I can tell you that two of the five blinds are hung! Jared was able to hold the blinds up high for me to mark where the brackets should be hung. I definitely eyeballed it when it came to centering it and I did pretty good. I pseudo measured how far from the ceiling they were so all the blinds could be hung at about the same height.

Complaint: The directions are crap. Complete crap. I put it all together according to the instructions and that part was bad enough but then there were eight pieces + six large screws + 4 small screws left over. Having non level ceilings and studs in different places everywhere didn’t make it easier. But seriously... write better instructions, mkay?

I figured out where six pieces went. I expected to have extra large screws because you use different amounts of screws depending on what type of mount you are doing. The little screws belong to the remaining two pieces and I sort of know where they go and their function but we decided to not do anything with them.

Jared says the blinds look a little crooked from the ceiling but level from the floor. Then again, my top stripe in my family room also looks crooked from the ceiling but I promise you, it is not. Unless my leveler is lying and I don’t think it is.


These blinds are HEAVY. I mean. I can lift them just fine. In fact, I did ALL of the installation of these blinds except for when Jared held them up for me to mark. But when you go to open or close them, they are quite heavy. But they are faux wood blinds and are 72” long. We will probably shorten them but for now, we’ll leave them as is. By we, I mean me.


Look at those windows. Brown on the inside, white on the outside... Drives me nuts! And from the outside, it’s all white. Anyway, you can see that we hung the blinds higher than the windows. And you can also see that I haven’t cleaned up all any of the drywall dust. (Isn’t the wall color so pretty?!)


This picture didn’t want to turn out so nice. It really does shut out a lot of light! And since we only have a few indoor lights (one lamp for the family room and the one overhead light in the diningcraftsmorgasboard room) it’s really important that we have enough light in the evening. Which we didn’t feel like we were getting. Until tonight! Even with just two blinds installed and shut, we felt like the light was so much brighter indoors.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we hang the remaining three blinds. Maybe I can convince Jared to help me do one per night. (He’s just holding the darned thing. His part is like five minutes.) I love the change that it brings! It helps make the rooms feel more done despite the craptastic mess everywhere.

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  1. Do you like the blinds better than curtains or a little bit of both? I've never hung blinds, I bet they are difficult and recently I've become kind of disenchanted with the poorly written instructions for things like this.