Thursday, October 27, 2011

Almost Hanging the Blinds

Remember my window issue? The one where I was having dilemmas on how high to hang my blinds? You can thank that post for this post.

My blinds arrived yesterday! Hooray! I was working on another project when they arrived so I didn’t get to do any more than open a set and read the instructions.

They come with screws but not anchors.

Anyway… here’s the low down.

I like graphing paper. I haven’t used it a whole lot since college but knew where to find it when I wanted it. This is a good thing.


I measured one of the walls that had a window that is going to get some love. I only needed to visualize one to decide how the rest would look. Usually I can kind of see what it will look like in my head, but I just wasn’t seeing this one. So that, above, is what my wall and window look like. Sans color.


Then I created some other pieces and colored them so you could tell the difference between the different pieces of graph paper. This picture shows what the window would look like with the blinds hung right above the window. Except the blinds would be a little shorter than it shows… but I needed it this long to show the next picture. And I didn’t want to cut out another rectangle because that is hard work.


Here we have the blinds in their upright position but hung much closer to the ceiling. That is why I needed the rectangle as long as it is because when I raise the blinds, I will raise it to right where the window starts (just the glass, not any other part of the window). Ahh! Look at that. So much more window shows now. I’m already liking this. But I had to take it a step further.


I made curtains! Floor to ceiling curtains. Oh my word, I was liking the high blinds before, but now I love it!


My last rectangle was blinds closed. I can modify the blinds so they don’t go down that low and I probably will but I really just love this look. Curtains aren’t on the agenda for any time soon and this particular wall will probably have shorter curtains because of my plans for that wall. But it’s my long-term plan! I love it!

I also now have an itch to create a floor plan. On the computer. Not a paper and pencil.

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