Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Kitten For Mother

This little kitten is eight weeks old. She is so adorable! A family we knew were trying to find homes for five little kittens. When I heard the girls were calico, I thought my mom would love to have one since her cat is not doing well. We are keeping her for a few days until my mom gets back and can meet her new little kitten.

10 - October

Because our cats sort of don’t get along with other cats, Little Miss gets to sleep with Uncle Josh. Also, Kaelyn loves playing with the kitten but she decided needs more attention when she feels Little Miss is getting too much of it. Kaelyn especially gets concerned when I leave the room while holding Little Miss and needs me to hold her as soon as possible (i.e. as soon as Kaelyn can run to me). I don’t think Kaelyn will be super sad to see her leave. She probably won’t even notice. If a dog were here though... Kaelyn loves those a little bit more. And they can handle her sometimes-not-gentle hands a little bit better than this little gal.

10 - October1

Kaelyn is much better at posing than this little miss is. But she’s still pretty cute! And she has taken a liking to sitting with Josh (and climbing up his jeans). So it’s a good thing she gets to sleep with him tonight. He can’t lie. He likes the attention.

10 - October2

I hope you like her, Mom!

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