Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Rambles

This week will be a little different than normal. I guess the goodness and spirit that I felt from Stake Conference prompted me to volunteer watching my youngest brother for the week! It’ll be good, I’m sure. Today wasn’t too bad although we he probably could have gotten more done than we he did.

I can tell you that he now has a ton of flash cards for French. I can also tell you that French is one language that I will never be able to speak. At least without making weird faces (unintentionally—I swear it!) and making people around me bust out laughing (also completely unintentional).

We still haven’t started potty training Kaelyn. But she is volunteering more and more to go on the potty. Sometimes I catch her in the act and ask if she needs to go and she says no. But when I say “let’s go potty”, she immediately says yes and runs over to the bathroom. I still don’t think we’re ready to tackle full potty training but it’s fun to see her progress to our non-training.

I was going to write more (and on a completely different topic) but I want to use the rest of my evening for some reading that I can put into practice tomorrow for some much needed health benefits!

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