Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pocket Frog Cupcakes

We continued our birthday celebrations that we started a year ago. You know, actually celebrating everyone’s birthdays. We kinda failed on Josh’s and totally bombed on my parents (which my mom usually doesn’t mind). We plan on changing that this go around.

The story of Valerie’s dessert started way back in March/April. I was trying to think of what to do for Jamie’s dessert. My mom found these fun cupcakes that were froggy heads. You know, marshmallow for the eyes, green frosting, stuff like that. Cute but didn’t seem right for Jamie. We decided they’d be PERFECT for Valerie. This was right when Valerie first got addicted to Pocket Frogs. She would play on my phone any time it, she, and I were together. It’s Jamie’s fault.


I did the cupcakes my way. I followed an idea I think I got from Our Best Bites. I went for easy and used a box cake mix (white) and then put mini Reese’s peanut butter cups in the middle of the batter. I made cream cheese frosting (maybe one day I’ll make another kind but I really love cream cheese frosting). Some got colored. They were soooo good. So good!


For the eyes, I used mini chocolate chips with the pointy side down. The first one I put pointy side up and it didn’t look right.


I would make cupcakes with peanut butter cups in the middle any day. They were so good. And there ended up being a couple extra so I ate a few on the way home!


No, they don’t look like frogs, but if you know the Pocket Frogs, you’ll get the patterns.


These were fun to frost – I made Jared watch Kaelyn.


I didn’t want to stretch my artistry too much so I didn’t do the more difficult patterns.


Sorry the pictures aren’t that great. It was dark outside and I didn’t have great lighting.

Valerie loved them once she realized what they were. I’m super insulted… she got stuck on the one that looks like an eye and started thinking illuminati. As if. Whateves. Most everyone else loved them instantly.


  1. must figure out what pocket frogs are......

    I don't have a cool phone- I don't get to play cool games with all the cool kids. :(

  2. I think it's funny that you blame Val's addiction on Jamie.