Sunday, October 30, 2011

A PICS Tea Party

We love it when we are all in the right place for a PICS party. The right place is pretty general. Anywhere in Ohio is acceptable. Unfortunately, for a while I lived in Oregon and now Sara is off gallivanting the world. But we put forth our effort to get together when we can. Although we no longer write stories, we always have food. This time around was a tea party. (Hope you like pictures!)

10 - October3

Egg salad sandwiches: Jamie couldn’t figure out how to make them pretty on the plate. She kept trying but couldn’t figure it out. I helped her.

Ginger Spice Cake: Yummmmmmy!

Tea: Ginger + lemon + mint + water. A touch of honey took it from good to great.

Rice Pudding: Jamie made this particular one from a book that taught you the Spanish words for all the ingredients.

Fruit: This did not get an individual picture because it was still being cut. Think watermelon (that Andi grew!), asian pears, and mangos!


After we ate, we played several rounds of Pictionary. With cards. My favorite way of playing Pictionary. No drawing involved! Anyway. I explain how to play Pictionary and the other team, Andi and Jamie, decide to organize their cards. Wait, what??? Andi and Jamie are ORGANIZING?? ANDI and JAMIE? Andi AND Jamie? I kid you not. Andi, my free-spirit-come-what-may-and-let-me-have-at-it best friend and Jamie, my when-do-I-have-class-again-today sister. I have proof. I took a picture.


On the other hand, you have me and Sara. We plan and wear watches. We had the blue cards below.


Halfway through Jamie and I switched teams. I reorganized the red cards because their placement of some cards did not make any sense. I tell you... they brought out the obsessive compulsive in me. It’s their fault.

Then we went outside to check on the kids (and the men). Lilli, Grace, and Kaelyn were so cute driving around on the truck. All in similar colors with their hoods up! Kaelyn is recounting the fun that she had with her cousins yesterday! Kaelyn didn’t actually drive it (her legs weren’t long enough yet), but someone else did. You’ll see below.


Kaelyn wanted me to sit in the back with her so I did that too. On a complete si05de note: whenever I see myself in pictures, I feel weird because I’m used to seeing my bangs on the other side. I only see myself in mirrors and that’s where my bangs are... the other side. Pictures mess me up.

I had two choices for the last picture. Jamie’s eyes were closed for both. What the picture doesn’t show is that two of us were in barefeet and the grass was wet and cold.


I love these girls! We always have so much fun together. While we never know when the next time we will all be together, we always look forward to having a good time.

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