Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Does Daddy sleep?

Kaelyn (looking out the window): It's car. Where's Daddy?
Me: He's upstairs.
Kaelyn: Oh. He sleeping on the bed?
Me: No.
Kaelyn: He sleeping on MY bed?
Me: No, he's on the computer.
Kaelyn: (insert unintelligible sentences) sleeping on the couch?

Apparently all Daddy does is sleep.

(He wasn't in bed until after we came upstairs.)


  1. What children notice about us cracks me up. I wonder if they see more truth than we want them to, or just see different truths than we see in ourselves.

  2. Maybe everyone Kaelyn can't see is asleep. What happens to the characters in a book when she closes it? To the people on TV when you switch it off? Where are the cats? "Anyone who's not in this room is asleep until the next time I see them." (Consequently, Jared must sleep at work all day.)