Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Rambles

I have been so busy with so many different things that I really do think that this week will be blogging rambles. Don’t expect anywhere close to thought-out posts this week! It just isn’t going to happen.

Today I did some reading on photography. I have played around with the settings on my camera in the past but I epically fail at getting it right. There’s no better time to get it right and I’m at a point where I really need to start getting some decent pictures. I also want a mini tripod for my camera. It’s only like… $15. I think that will really help my future photos.

I am having a really big itch to paint something. Good thing I have things to paint. Bad thing is that there hasn’t been an opportunity to. And this weekend won’t present one either.

But on the upside, this weekend is bringing a PICS reunion! S has been out of country and so we are taking advantage of her brief time at home with a tea party. And some reading of ridiculous stories found late at night. And we are thinking of crafting this time around. Maybe we will round robin write again.

I made donuts today. It’s Kaelyn’s fault. And maybe perhaps Josh’s. Mostly Kaelyn’s though. She randomly said today “I want a doughnut!” Josh must’ve been saying it a lot but he really hadn’t. She kept saying it though, randomly and sporadically until one time she brought her “dinodaur” book, opened it to the appropriate page, pointed, and said “I want a doughnut!” Ahh... it’s the dinodaurs fault.

Now can you see why I should either not blog or always have a blog plan?

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