Saturday, October 15, 2011

Three Tiers for the Kitchen

This project took 10 minutes. Maybe only five. I didn’t actually time it.


More empty space in the kitchen. I’ve been thinking of what to do for a really long time. Since the tile goes all the way up the wall, I didn’t want to deal with installing shelves. I settled on this. As soon as I decided, I had to do it right away.

Yeah, totally didn’t work out for me. I bought the baskets (Bed, Bath, & Beyond), came home, discovered it doesn’t come with hardware. The next day or two took me to the grocery store for regular shopping. Stopped by the hardware section and got a ceiling hook, got home, discovered it was missing a piece. No problem… I guess. The hardware store will have one. I never made it to a hardware store. I finally picked up a hook somewhere else for pretty cheap a few days ago.

Super easy project though. If you have everything. Drill into the ceiling (drilling up is not my favorite). Install anchor (if necessary) and hook. Hang baskets. Fill. Admire!

In my baskets I have cloths meant for dusting and washing windows. Next down is wash cloths for dishes, counters, etc. The bottom basket holds hand towels. All my non-white ones are in the wash.

My absolutely favorite part of this project was that I didn’t tell Jared. AND HE NOTICED!!! AND LIKED IT!!! And then asked why I didn’t put one on the other side of the window.

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