Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today in My Life

I don’t often talk about my whole day, just bits and pieces of it here. Face it, you don’t care or need to know the details of my whole day—any of my days. But since I’m not gracing your screen with pictures of today’s pancake art (because there are none to share) I will oblige… myself.

Kaelyn slept until 8:45am! Good thing too because she woke up far too many times throughout the night. First she lost her pacifier. Then she lost it again. Then she needed milk. Then she had two pacifiers and that was a problem. Then she lost her pacifier again so I tried to clip it on her. Bad idea because then I was up because she absolutely did not want anything attached to her pacifier.

By the time we were all awake and what not, I headed off to the gym sans Kaelyn. It was not as early as I had hoped so I only had time for my workout and no steam “bath” afterwards. When I made my plan, I typed it up and then wrote each week on my calendar. Then I wrote the running portion plan on index cards. One card for each week so there are three columns. There was room for me to make any notes I wanted. Now I can take the card into the gym with me and not have to remember what I need to do that day. Today’s said “run for 2 1/2 – 3 or walk 3 + run 2 for 35 mins”. I definitely did a combination of both. I walked 3 minutes then ran to 1 mile. Walked 2 minutes then ran to 1.5 miles. Then the remaining time which was something like 10 or 15 minutes, I walked 3 minutes, ran 2 minutes. Then the 5 minute cooldown. My total distance was 3.01 miles in 40 minutes. I did my stretches and bolted for home so I could be in time for General Conference.

General Conference is one of my favorite weekends of the year. What could be better than being gathered together with thousands of other church members to listen and learn what the Lord chose for us to hear? The Relief Society broadcast last Saturday was amazing as well. I’ve been preparing for this weekend for a while now. Since it only happens twice a year, I wanted to be able to make the most of it.

My last notebook was getting filled up so I decided to get another one. Nothing fancy, nothing big. I searched the pen section of the store for extra fine pens with different color inks. Blue for event name and date as well as the name of the speaker. Green for scripture references, links, questions. Red for action items. Black for everything else.


I have to admit that I had to fight to stay awake that last hour. Because I had pushed my heart rate this morning, I knew I would want to crash this afternoon.

I cut Jared’s hair in between sessions. Every time I cut it we say “we need to do this more frequently” and then we don’t.

Jared had me taste the yummy pulled pork he was cooking. It was good but I added more bbq sauce and it was awesome. He left us some while he headed off to Priesthood session and the potluck they were having. Kaelyn and I promptly had some on a whole wheat hamburger bun. Let me tell you, these are delicious. They have all great ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup or anything like that. Kaelyn also had some whole wheat bagel which I hadn’t tried yet until tonight and yes, they are delicious too.


The cute Kaelyn story of the day: when I Am a Child of God was sung, Kaelyn sang almost every word. So precious. I pray that one day she understands what she is singing and knows in her heart that it is true.


  1. Dude, we totally had the same thought at the same time. I just started putting watermarks on my pictures too! And I didn't even realize that you were doing it! Weeeeird...

  2. Also, you should check out my friend Angela's blog, she has this thing she does called Project Semi-Annual, where we all get together and do posts about our conference traditions, including pics. Check it.