Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Leaves

Kaelyn and I went for a walk yesterday. We picked up some beautiful fall leaves. My youngest sister also brought me some earlier in the week.


I spent some time during Kaelyn’s nap today prepping these leaves for decorating.

Materials Needed:

  • beautiful fall leaves
  • mod podge (I used matte finish but whatever you want)
  • brush (I used a small brush intended for watercolors or something like that)


Using your brush, paint mod podge on one side of your leave. Above is one partially painted. It will look like Elmers glue when you paint it on. You’ll know what the mod podge is dry because it doesn’t look like that anymore.


Here is a leaf partially dry. It doesn’t take too long. You don’t need a thick layer of mod podge on your leaves. When one side is dry, mod podge the back.


You know how leaves get crunchy as they dry out? Once you mod podge them, you can fold them like that! I don’t plan on doing that, but just so you know…


I wasn’t expecting this benefit of mod podging them, but it helped make the colors more vibrant like when they were on the trees. Aren’t they beautiful!

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