Friday, October 21, 2011

The Window Quandry

Ever have a problem and you don’t know how to solve it and then you finally have a solution and then you see a sale. Which means you buy something expensive. And then you see something that totally makes you want to question your solution?

That’s me right now.

We have poor naked windows in my house (except for two/three windows). I finally decided that blinds would be good to put in on the downstairs windows. They have to be outside mount and I refused to even consider vinyl annoying things. Can we say expensive? Then Home Depot had a sale. I purchased five blinds for two different rooms. These rooms are somewhat connected and will be decorated/painted/whatever to have a cohesive feeling. (Family room and craft/dining room for anyone who cares.) I thought that maybe one day I can put up curtains because that would have a lovely look.

Then I read a blog by Sarah at Thrifty Décor Chick. She made her windows more fab than they were before by hanging her blinds from an inside mount to an outside mount and then hanging her curtains higher so they’re almost at the ceiling. And the ceiling molding just makes it that much more swoon worthy.

Now... her windows are larger and extend lower than mine do. I’m afraid that hanging the blinds higher will look really funky because there is still 2 feet and some odd inches from window to floor. Judging from her couch, I’m guessing her windows extend down about a foot below mine. Hanging curtains higher to the ceiling usually help make the window look taller. Sometimes it can make the window look smaller though and that’s what I’m afraid of. With outside mounted blinds, you either have to hang them tall with the tall (or no) curtains or hang them short with short or no curtains. You don’t hang the blinds short with tall curtains. That’s just awful.

I don’t even have the blinds yet. Maybe I’ll hold them up and decide they look really weird not being close to the ceiling or the other way around. But whatever I do to one window, I do to all five. Maybe that’s why I’m freaking out too much about it. I’m not just committing once but FIVE TIMES. And I’m not putting more holes in my wall than I have to so the decision has to be made once and only once!

Sigh... would they ship my blinds already???

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