Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Favorite Book Genre

I neglected to mention one of my favorite book genres when I listed several of my favorite books.


When I was pregnant, Jared would say that it was obvious that I was pregnant when I went to bed with a cookbook (in my defense, it was approaching Christmas and I had gotten this little cookie book). He has frequently said that he’s never met anyone before who read cookbooks like novels. Now he’s met two: me and my sister, Jamie.

Nana gave me a Taste of Home magazine today. It is their 2011 Best Holiday Recipes so it is thicker than their regular magazines. And like any good cookbook, there are plenty of pictures.

I have already started reading it and one of the first recipes is for homemade cranberry juice. I immediately thought of Jamie. She’ll be getting one of these too (and you too, Valerie) and I think Jamie will quite like to try this recipe.

The first recipe I opened up to was pear mushroom strudels. Looks so good with phyllo dough, cheese, almonds... (and mushrooms and pears).

I really need to not have so many cookbooks. I don’t use them all. But I sure love looking at them! Pinterest doesn’t help at all either. My food board has 411 pins right now. At least I can say that I HAVE tried at least 2 of those pins. That’s a big 0.005%!! At least until I add some more pins...

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